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Another Road

by Driftin' Luke, Jr.

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driftingluke Love all the tracks but the first one is like a perfect mix between Pink Floyd and Harry Nilsson. A lot of quality and variety here. Favorite track: I'll Walk.
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I'll Walk 05:10
I'll walk with you Down a lonely desert road I'll stay with you And help you carry the load I'll be with you in the loneliest of times I hope that I am filling in the space between the lines I'll drive with you Down a highway in the mountains I'll park the car On a side road in the byway I'll walk with you through the forests and the fields Hold your hand in mine and hope our love can always be so real We'll stay there And live without a single care I look in the mirror, and what do I see? I'm the incomplete half of a perfect me So many people with so many faces But yours is the one that takes me places I've got a heart, it's aching for you I guess now, honey, there's only one thing left to do So come on now baby, I'll show you the way into my heart I hope you're there to stay
Started most days off with my mind on you Most every morning I would think of you But there you were, you were off running around Chasing dreams and pretty scenes like a pound bound hound Then one morning I woke from my sleep Saw the evil looking in my eyes at me I didn't know what I was supposed to be Cause I'd been basing everything off what I thought you wanted from me And I can't believe the way you fall Running after my ball Bake me a kibble cake Barking at my love Bite a finger off my bleeding arm Bark like a dog Now I know what I am supposed to be Cause I've been dangling off the precipice of reality But I can't believe the way you fall Running after my ball Bake me a kibble cake Barking at my love Bite a finger off my bleeding arm Bark like a dog
I got a message from your homeland queen She said, come up and away with me Cause I'm not messing with my kingdom now And I'm getting away somehow She's the girl with the beautiful smile And hair that makes me fall for miles And you know, I'm not the kind of guy To let it all go to waste this time Through the fire, and through the rain Over mountains and far away I will carry her away with me And we'll go sailing across the sea I'm in love with your homeland queen Because she's the only woman for me You know, no man can love her perfectly But not half as much as me
Please, please, please forget about me Saddle up and ride you home I'm not the man you really need I've got a heart of stone I wanna love you like I should And honey you know why But when I look into your eyes It makes me just wanna die I know you think you know me well That's just a trick of time I guess that you just never learned to read between the lines You think my world is like a bubble A place that you can hide No, I'm not one to deal with trouble I'm always on the other side It won't be long til the winter comes Baby, then you'll know My heart'll just freeze and I gotta fly Way down to Mexico I can't stay in one place for long It's something I can't do You should find some other guy So I can try forgetting you You want me cause I kissed your lips And took you where you've never been I knew on the day I stole your heart I'd have to give it back again Yeah, I knew on the day I stole your heart I'd have to give it back again
Softer than silk is the skin of my love The scent of her sweeter than wine Her eyes shine with light from the heavens above I wish she could only be mine Her hair falls in locks down her back like a stream Her lips are a heavenly bliss And many a night, when I sleep in a dream I hold her and give her a kiss Oh, I'm blue over you It's hard to believe that I won't see your eyes Bluer than me without.you And I gotta accept that I won't see your smile There's nothing left that I can do Still, I'm blue over you
I can't remember another love I've had so far Who's taken my heart and smashed it into pieces Like a shooting star And I can't remember the last time I felt the way I feel right now But something's telling me that if you leave The feeling's gonna go away somehow Like a shooting star Tearing across the darkened sky Torn apart But I don't even wonder why I don't even wonder why Many a time I've looked in a mirror and thought to myself What would a woman like you want to do with a man like me But one thing's for sure That this is what love is really all about It's not something you take It's something you give so you never run out Like a shooting star Falling from eternal light Into my life And I don't even wonder why I don't even wonder why
Kentucky 04:40
Well a real Texas cowboy Wouldn't let himself cry For the woman that he's missing But he doesn't know why It was late in November And our second goodbye And I could see the tears forming When I looked in her eyes And I admit that it hurts me to know I can't follow wherever she goes I can only hope she loves me And to the stars above me I wish that I could make her mine And I'm afraid I might just fall apart And it's left me with nowhere to start Cause I left half of my heart With her in Kentucky So I drove down ti Little Rock Got back on my way Texas by the morning I saw you yesterday And I remember with each passing day How she smiled at me in that way With the scent of her hair still heavy in the air And the sound of her voice calling me Well they told me, "don't let her tie you down" "She's an angel flying too close to the ground."
You're an angel for loving me And you're a fool for letting me love you And I guess it's just confusing me How a guy like me ended up with a girl like you But the blue on blue when your eyes meet mine Are like the horizon where the sea meets the sky And it just goes to show There's nothing more fine And nothing beats this love of mine
Love Feigned 04:10
Some call me a cowboy And I like that ring Why are there two birds Wrapped in one string Don't ask me why At least not today I am confused Don't ask me why It's not the same The spark in the eye Reveals a love feigned I'm not a cowboy I'm not trying to be Someone's being mean Oh, yodelady Out in the backyard Is where I'll be found Not where I am silent But where I am sound And not just a whisper Not just a moan But I am a foghorn Don't ask me why She had to leave Th spark in the eye The stick up her sleeve If I was a cowboy Then I wouldn't grieve Someone's being mean Oh, yodelady
In Your Arms 04:05
Down the other road is a place I wanna go It's in your arms It's in your arms Down the other river there's a place I wanna be In your arms In your arms, oh Down the road before me is a sign that gives a warning To go home To go home If I turn around I know will be found All alone On my own When I saw your face I knew a perfect grace Had won my heart Won my heart And when I've run the race I know that you and I Will never part Never part
Waking 05:02
In the evening I sleep off my waking dream Quietly I slip away to distant lands unseen Take me from this dream I'm living My waking dream In the morning I may still be sleeping But keep waking me From my daily dream Far below or high above No telling where my wings will take me Neither man or animal Is ever gonna break me Take me from this dream I'm living My waking dream In the morning I may still be sleeping But keep waking me Keep waking me Waking me From my dream


The second LP by Driftin' Luke, Jr.


released January 1, 2021

Produced by Jonah Pennington.

All songs written by Jonah Pennington except:

Track 9 written by Colby Pennington

All songs performed by Jonah Pennington except:

Track 2 - featuring Glenn Welman (drums)

Tracks 3 & 6- featuring Christopher "Cornelius" Gregory (drums)

Track 10 - featuring Chloe Pennington (strings))

Cover art by Gram Pittman


all rights reserved



Driftin' Luke, Jr. Austin, Texas

Driftin' Luke Jr. (Jonah Luke Pennington) is a musician based in Austin, Texas. Apart from his solo career, he has also been a member of the groups Family Shiloh, Montalba, and Choir Pasta.

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